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In Authorize, program breaks when it enters 2nd foreach loop

Jul 24, 2013 at 10:54 PM
In my asp project, I used the code in the 'getting started' portion of this website into a content page that loads with a mater page, and I added authorize.aspx and authorize.aspx.cs to the project(I also added OAuthWithAppId) . When I run it, the browser comes up to the aweber login page, but when I click 'allow access' the program breaks on the 2nd foreach loop in the authorize class. The error is 'input string was not in correct format', but I can't figure out how to debug it any further and have no clue what is causing that error. When debugging, I can see that list.campaigns().entries does contain the proper campaign and knows how many subscribers we have, etc., so what could be causing this?